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Міністерство освіти і науки, молоді та спорту України

Державний вищий навчальний заклад "НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ ГІРНИЧИЙ УНІВЕРСИТЕТ"

Англійська мова ТЕСТОВІ ЗАВДАННЯ для студентів спеціальності "Переклад"

Дніпропетровськ 2012



Кафедра перекладу

Англійська мова


для студентів спеціальності "Переклад"


НГУ 2012

Англійська мова. Тестові завдання для студентів спеціальності "Переклад" / М. В. Орел. - Д.: Національний гірничий університет, 2012. - 43 с.

Автор: М.В. Орел, доцент.

Затверджено методичною комісією з напряму підготовки 0305 Філологія (протокол № 8 від 18. 01. 2012) за поданням кафедри перекладу (протокол № 11 від 02. 11. 2011).

Подано три види англомовних тестів: лексичні, граматичні й тести з читання для самостійної роботи студентів на практичних заняттях з дисципліни "Практика перекладу з основної (англійської) мови". Методичні матеріали покликані сприяти удосконаленню мовної компетенції студентів.

Відповідальна за випуск завідувач кафедри перекладу, канд. філол. наук, проф. Введенська Т.Ю.

Тестове завдання № 1 1.1. Прочитайте уважно текст і виконайте тести за його змістом:

Line The bulk of our electricity is produced by conventional energy

converters that are based on mechanical, indirect conversion of energy. The chemical energy of our fossil fuels is first converted into heat energy. The heat energy is then converted by turbines into mechanical energy which, in

(5) turn, produces electricity by generators.The efficiency of these systems is low - the step involving the generation of mechanical energy results in a 20 percent loss of energy. As a consequence of this, for many years scientists and engineers have been seeking ways to convert energy directly into electricity without the use of an intermediate mechanical energy convertor.

(10) It is interesting to know that not one of the advanced methods of direct

energy conversion is really new in theory. These concepts were developed a long time ago, along with the development of classical physics. But to make these ideas work required a technological sophistication that became available only in the past few decades.

(15) The main groups of direct energy converters are the photoelectric,

thermoelectric, thermionic, magnetohydrodynamic, and electrochemical devices. Their names indicate the physical processes by which they work. The converters listed above are those by which we now can produce electric energy in quantities sufficient for practical use. Other physical effects

(20) producing electricity are piezoelectric, piroelectric, fission-electric, thermomagnetic, chemomagnetic effects. These produce small amounts of current and are used mainly in scientific measuring devices rather than as energy producers.

1. What does the passage mainly discuss?

(A) Loss of energy.

(B) Production of heat energy.

(C) Methods of energy conversion.

(D) Procedures for measuring energy


2. Regarding energy production, the

author implies that piroelectric and thermomagnetic effects are ...

(A) Insignificant for general energy


(B) undetermined for chemical


(C) unable to be measured;

(D) unexpected in scientific


3. According to the passage, the

efficiency of systems that produce electricity through generators ...

(A) Varies considerably;

(B) cannot be measured;

(C) is quite minimal;

(D) seems sufficient.

4. Approximately how many years ago did our knowledge of advanced methods of direct energy conversion become applicable?

(A) One to ten.

(B) More than twenty but less than one

hundred years ago.

(C) One hundred to two hundred.

(D) More than several hundred.

5. It can be inferred from the passage 6. Which of the following is NOT

that less energy would be lost in mentioned as belonging to a group of

the production of energy if the inter- direct energy converters?

mediate mechanical converter were ... (A) Thermomagnetic;

(A) Introduced before heat conversion; (B) electrochemical;

(B) mixed with various chemicals; (C) thermionic;

(C) replaced with larger turbines; (D) photoelectric.

(D) deleted from the system.

1.2. Знайдіть помилки в таких реченнях:

7. A atom is regarded as the basic building block of the physical universe.


8. While many scholars believe that hierogliphics or cuneiform script formed the

A B basis of the alphabit, others feel that either of these scripts influenced its



9. From primitive research have come some of the mostly important advances in


modern medical history. D

10. Graphs are figures in which the artist uses simple lines, bars, or geometry

A B figures to display statistical information in a form that is easy to read.


11. The value of television is not only in providing inexpensive entertainment but

A     B C also in the education of its viewers. D

12. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas formed during respiration,


combustion, or when organic matter is breaked down by decomposition.


13. The more precipitation there is, the high is the groundwater table in low-lying



14. In the nineteenth century the engine steam revolutionized transportation, finding

A B practical use in both steamships and trains. C D

15. The mechanic said that the car would not run because of a deficient part in the



16. Benjamin Franklin's famous kite-flying experiment with electricity is a classics


example of a theoretical activity which was conducted long before any practical application was envisioned.


1.3. Виберіть із поданих після речень варіантів слово або вираз, що найкраще відповідає значенню слова або виразу, підкресленого в реченні:

17. Since antiquity there have been many attempts, some quite fanciful, to explain how the cosmos came into being.

(А) Familiar; (B) imaginative; (C) unusual; (D) hardly.

18. The technology required to land explorers on Mars is in place, but the motivation to commit the resources to do so is lacking.

(А) Motivation; (В) senses; (C) facts; (D) materials.

19. Scientists have failed to find a cold virus, though they have searched persistently for one.

(А) Half-heartedly; (B) hurriedly; (C) continuously; (D) slyly.

20. When products advertise extensively on television they are often rediculously overpriced.

(А) Inexpensive; (B) costly; (C) valueless; (D) overabandoned.

21. Breaking just one bond in a molecule of a substance will often require many tens of kilograms of energy per mole of the substance.

(А) Definitely; (B) frequently; (C) chemically; (D) hardly.

22. А piece of iron dipped in liquid air becomes so brittle that it will shatter if dropped.

(А) Immersed; (B) dried thoroughly; (C) thrown; (D) floated.

23. When plutonium undergoes fission, its atoms break apart, giving off a great deal of energy.

(А) Recoil; (B) soften; (C) fester; (D) split.

24. In 1963, Maria Mayer was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for her findings on the constituents of the atomic nucleus.

(А) Discovery; (B) dimensions; (C) components; (D) connotations.

25. Many technological improvements of the Industrial Revolution were the results of dogged efforts by individual inventors.

(А) Solitary; (B) skillful; (C) persistent; (D) precocious.

26. In chemistry and physics experiments are duplicated to confirm the results. (А) Obtained; (B) discussed; (C) repeated; (D) regimented.

1.4. Заповніть пропуски в таких реченнях:

27. The electronic company raised a deposit rate this month, and so_.

(A) The telephone company did;       (C) did the telephone company;

(B) has the telephone company done; (D) the telephone company does.

28. _invention of the cotton gin revolutionized southern agriculture.

(А) Аlthough the. (B) The. (C) It was the. (D) There was the.

29. _engineering and physics deal with physical laws.

(А) Both are. (B) That both. (C) Both. (D) It is both.

30. _the most versatile of all single-celled organisms, the Euglena gracilis

is an excellent example of the structures and behavior of the cell as a single unit. (А) It is. (B) Аmong. (C) Therefore. (D) That it is.

31. Water pressure_cracks open small rocks but also breaks great slabs of

stone from the faces of cliffs.

(А) Either; (B) not only; (C) and so; (D) moreover.

32. When a body enters the earth's atmosphere, it travels_.

(А) Very rapidly; (B) in a rapid manner; (C) fastly; (D) with great speed.

33. А computer is usually chosen because of its simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance_its capacity to store information.

(А) The same as; (B) the same; (C) as well as; (D) as well.

34. Neptun is an extremely cold planet, and_.

(A) So does Uranus;     (C) so is Uranus;

(B) so has Uranus;        (D) Uranus so.

35. _that gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill and that the California Gold

Rush began.

(А) Because in 1848.     (C) In 1848 that it was. (b) That in 1848. (D) It was in 1848.

36. Аs soon as_with an acid, salt, and sometimes water, is formed.

(A) А base will react;    (C) a base is reacting;

(B) a base reacts; (D) the reaction of a base.

Тестове завдання № 2 1.1. Прочитайте уважно текст і виконайте тести за його змістом:

Public goods are those commodities from whose enjoyment nobody can be effectively excluded. Everybody is free to enjoy the benefits of these commodities, and one person's utilization does not reduce the possibilities of Line   anybody else's enjoying the same good.

(5) Examples of public goods are not as rare as one might expect. А flood

control dam is a public good. Once the dam is built, all persons living in the area will benefit - irrispective of their own contribution to the construction cost of the dam. The same holds true for highway signs or aids to navigation. Once a lighthouse is built, no ship of any nationality can be effectively (10) excluded from the utilization of the lighthouse for navigational purposes. National defense is another example. Even a person who voted against military expenditures or did not pay any taxes will benefit from the protection afforded.

It is no easy task to determine the social costs and social benefits (15) associated with the public good. There is no practicable way of charging drivers for looking at highway signs, sailors for watching a lighthouse, and citizens for the security provided to them through national defense. Because the market does not provide the necessary signals, economic analysis has to be substituted for the impersonal judgment of the marketplace.

1. With what topic is the passage mainly concerned?

(A) Mechanism for safer navigation.

(B) The economic structure of the


(C) А specific group of commodities.

(D) The advantages of lowering taxes.

2. Which of the following statements best describes the organization of the first two paragraphs?

(A) Suggestions for the application of

an economic concept are offered.

(B) Several generalizations are

presented from which various conclusions are drawn.

(C) Persuasive language is used to

argue against a popular idea.

(D) А general concept is defined and

then examples are given.

3. Аccording to the passage, finding out the social costs of a public good is a ...

(A) Difficult procedure;

(B) daily administrative duty;

(C) matter of personal judgment;

(D) citizen's responsibility.

4. Which of the following would NOT be an example of public good as described in the passage?

(A) А taxicab;

(B) a bridge;

(C) a fire truck;

(D) a stoplight.

5. The meaning of "irrespective" in line 5 is:

(A) Taking account;

(B) including;

(C) regardless;

(D) excluding.

6. In line 6, the word "holds" could best be replaced by which of the following?

(A) Has;    (C) grasps;

(B) is;       (D) carries.

1.2. Знайдіть помилки в таких реченнях:

7. The number of auronautical engineers required meet air transportation needs is


rapidly increasing. D

8. In addition to providing antibodies against bacteria, the immune system

A B recognizes and destroys abnormally or foreign cells. C D

9. Mass production is the manufacture of machineries and other articles in standard


sizes and large numbers.


10. Machines that use hydraulic pressure including elevators, dentist chairs, and

ABC automobile breakes. D

11. Engineering is a profession who puts scientific knowledge to practical use.


12. Automobiles begun to be equipped with built-in radios around 1930.


13. Equipment breakdowns in industry accounts for annual losses of billions of


dollars. D

14. Charles Kettering patented the first success spark-based starter for automotive


vehicles in 1911.

15. Newtonian physics holds true if the velocities of the objects being study are


negligible. D

16. The problems that discovered since the initial research had been completed

A       B C caused the committee members to table the proposal temporarily.


1.3. Виберіть із поданих після речень варіантів слово або вираз, що найкраще відповідає значенню слова або виразу, підкресленого в реченні:

17. Although he is recognized as one of the most brilliant scientists in his field, Professor White cannot seem to make his ideas understood in class.

(A) Get his ideas down; (B) recall his ideas; (C) summerize his ideas; (D) get his ideas across.

18. Magma is the primary source of all the earth's rocks. (A) Cheapest; (B) first; (C) nearest; (D) worst.

19. When plutonium undergoes fission, its atoms break apart, giving off a great deal of energy.

(A) Recoil; (B) soften; (C) fester; (D) split.

20. Communication satellites transmit information more reliably than do ordinary shortwave radios.

(A) Conveniently; (B) dependably; (C) accessibly; (D) concisely.

21. When Thomas Edison was only twelve and working as a vendor on a train, he concocted a laboratory in the baggage car.

(A) Devised; (B) cleaned; (C) requested; (D) supervised.

22. Psychology is a science that deals with human behavior and experience, or more generally, with the adjustment of an organism in its environment.

(A) Descriptively; (B) broadly; (C) controversially; (D) accurately.

23. If a way could be found to dissipate the fog that often settles over airports and travel would probably be safer.

(A) Disperse; (B) isolate; (C) disguise; (D) photograph.

24. It is believed that constitutional law has its roots in the Magna Carta. (A) Origins; (B) rituals; (C) cure; (D) function.

25. There is sufficient evidence to indicate that the brain can detect specific levels of amino acids in the blood.

(A) Recent; (B) physiological; (C) enough; (D) valuable.

26. The principles of mathematics resulted from attempts to figure out everyday problems, such as how to measure parcels of land.

(A) List; (B) solve; (C) divide; (D) express.

1.4. Заповніть пропуски в таких реченнях:

27. A telephone recording tells callers_.

(A) What time the movie starts; (C) what time does the movie start;

(B) what time starts the movie; (D) the movie starts what time.

28. Several of these washers and driers are out of order and_.

(A) Need to be repairing; (C) required that they be repaired;

(B) repairing is required of them; (D) need to be repaired.

29. As a safety measure, the detonator for a nuclear device may be made of

(A) Two equipments; (C) two pieces of equipment;

(B) two pieces of equipments; (D) two equipment pieces.

30. _two waves pass a given point simultaneously, they will have no effect

on each other's subsequent motion.

(A) So that. (B) They are. (C) That. (D) If.

31. _the formation of the sun, the planets and other stars began with the

condensation of an interstellar cloud.

(A) It accepted that.      (C) It is accepted that.

(B) Accepted that.        (D) That is accepted.

32. _small specimen of the embrionic fluid is removed from a fetus, it will

be possible to determine whether the baby will be born woth birth defects.

(A) A. (B) That a. (C) If a. (D) When it is a.

33. _ 1,000 species of finch have been identified.

(A) As many as. (B) As many. (C) As much as. (D) Much as.

34. In automotive companies, employees are rewarded for_with the firm

for lengthy time periods.

(A) To stay; (B) staying; (C) to staying; (D) stay.

35. Early craftsmen did not have the technology that would have allowed them _their wares.

(A) To storing and transporting;       (C) storing and transporting;

(B) to store and transport; (D) store and transport.

36. Botanists hope_new methods of intensive cultivation of crops in Africa.

(A) Formulate; (B) formula; (C) to formulate; (D) formulating.

Тестове завдання № 3 1.1. Прочитайте уважно текст і виконайте тести за його змістом:

A summary of the physical and chemical nature of life must begin, not on the Earth, but in the Sun - in fact, at the Sun's very center. It is here that is to be found the source of the energy that the Sun constantly pours out into space

Line as light and heat. This energy is liberated at the center of the Sun as billions (5) upon billions of nuclei of hydrogen atoms collide with each other and fuse together to form nuclei of helium and, in doing so, release some of the energy that is stored in the nuclei of atoms. The output of light and heat of the Sun requires that some 600 million tons of hydrogen be converted into helium in the Sun every second. This the Sun has been doing for several thousands of

(10)    millions of years.

The nuclear energy is released at the Sun's center as high-energy gamma radiation, a form of electromagnetic radiation like light and radio waves, only of very much shorter wavelength. This gamma radiation is absorbed by atoms inside the Sun, to be remitted at slightly longer wavelengths. This radiation, in

(15) its turn, is absorbed and remitted. As the energy filters through the layers of the solar interior, it passes through the x-ray part of the spectrum, eventually becoming light. At this stage, it has reached what we call the solar surface, and can escape into space, without being absorbed further by solar atoms. A very small fraction of the Sun's light and heat is emitted in such directions

(20)    that, after passing unhindered through interplanetary space, it hits the Earth.

1. What does the passage mainly discuss?

(A) The production of solar light and heat.

(B) The physical and chemical nature

of life.

(C) The conversion of hydrogen to helium.

(D) Radiation in the x-ray part of the


2. According to the passage, energy is released in the Sun when ...

(A) Helium atoms bind with each


(B) gamma radiation escapes from the


(C) radiation is absorbed by helium;

(D) nuclei of hydrogen atoms collide.

3. The passage indicates that, in comparison to radio waves, gamma waves .

(A) Produce louder sound;

(B) are less magnetic;

(C) do not form in the Sun's center;

(D) are not as long.

4. It can be inferred from the passage that the Sun's light travels ...

(A) Through solid objects in space;

(B) in many different directions;

(C) more slowly than scientists

previously believed;

(D) further in summer than in winter.

5. Where in the passage does the author     6. Which of the following is NOT

suggest how long the sun has been mentioned in the passage about

providing light and heat? gamma radiation?

(A) Lines 1 - 2. (A) It is absorbed.

(B) Lines 7 - 8. (B) It escapes. (c) Lines 12 - 14. (c) It is radiated. (D) Lines 15 - 17. (D) It is remitted.

1.2. Знайдіть помилки в таких реченнях:

7. Although the quantity was small, we had supplies enough to finish the



8. The field of dynamics in physics is concerned with a particle's motion in


relation to the forces acting it. C D

9. In order for one to achieve the desired results in this experiment, it is necessary


that he work as fastly as possible. B C D

10. A little drivers realize how many individual parts are necessary to assemble a



11. Astronomers gather data by accurately and careful observing the heavens.


12. Approaching a problem creative means being able to discern its multiple



13. Experimental results without a good theory are anything more than a handful of

A B unrelated facts, which applies to any area of science. C D

14. When the experiment is started, the readings are taken constantly and the

A B process followed with various measuring instruments. C D

15   Before the experiment all the necessary preparations are made: the instruments

were checked, samples are chosen. B     C D

16. It is extremely important for an engineer to know to use a computer. A       B C D

1.3. Виберіть із поданих після речень варіантів слово або вираз, що найкраще відповідає значенню слова або виразу, підкресленого в реченні:

17. The ores argentite and cerargurite contain a high percentage of silver. (A) Volume; (B) sample; (C) proportion; (D) profit.

18. Citric acid is used primarily to enhance flavors, increase the gel strength of food. (A) Occasionally; (B) cautiously; (C) consistently; (D) chiefly.

19. In the preparation of sugar from sugar cane, the cane is crushed between rollers to remove the juice.

(A) Pulp; (B) stalks; (C) liquid; (D) nutrients.

20. Thomas Fuller was so skilled at mathematics that he was known in the eighteenth century as the "Virginia Calculator.

(A) Fascinated by; (B) articulate about; (C) proficient in; (D) suspicious of.

21. As a nerve cell is depolarized, it releases nerve impulses. (A) Encircles; (B) emits; (C) pushes; (D) shields.

22. Prior to the use of nickel in 1835, spoons were made exclusively of silver or pewter.

(A) Before. (B) In. (C) At the time of. (D) Due to.

23. The American Museum of Natural History houses one of the world's largest collections of natural science exhibits.

(A) Rents; (B) embodies; (C) contains; (D) restores.

24. Proteins are composed of more than twenty amino acids that are liberated during digestion.

(A) Congregated; (B) multiplied; (C) freed; (D) conscripted.

25. An electric arc is a luminous current of electricity that leaps from one electrode to another.

(A) Ludicrous; (B) glowing; (C) magnetic; (D) flickering.

26. Detergents vary in composition depending on the task for which they are intended.

(A) Item (B); market; (C) chore; (D) fabric.

27. Medical researchers claim that each reflex_some stimulus that causes

a response.

(A) Involving; (B) involvement; (C) involves; (D) involve.

28. Satellites,_, are indispensable for modern society.

(A) The weather stations in space;       (C) there are weather stations in space;

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